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Our Company

Zebym Soft Drinks PLC.

Our company ZEBYM Trading PLC is the first local beverage industry by natural concentrates from the pure of fruits and herbs to mass-produce soft drinks in Ethiopia. What’ sets out our soft drinks is that it has no chemical flavoring and coloring agents. Out 200 million birr production plant is currently supplied the local market with the different varieties of soft drinks and bottled water. In addition to the local market, we are on the verge of exporting our product to neighboring countries.
ZEBYM is equipped with a state of the art manufacturing and packaging machine. We used the latest 3-block Kronos Germany technology that can produce up to 16,000 bottles per hour and operate hand free. We are currently working towards the implementation of Iso 22000:2018with with an aim to obtain a food safety management system certification.

Besides those factors, we do not use any foreign exchange to buy any raw materials.
The company’s new approach to the production of functional beverages has created a huge business opportunity for local out-growers in the agricultural business. We have been working in partnership with many local farmers by creating various business opportunities where they can both provide the company with raw materials and also act as a distributor to the company’s range of products in their respective areas. The use of locally sourced raw materials also contributes to alleviating some burden off the country’s foreign currency challenges.


“To help the world stay in touch with nature and natural tastes.”


“To be the best natural based non-alcoholic beverage business in Africa.”


Team Work







  • Changing every beautiful flavor nature has to offer into a refreshing soft drink with an exquisite taste
  • Providing the world with all-natural and meticulously formulated soft drinks.
  • Becoming the quality and excellence symbol of the soft drink business.
  • Thriving as a community and working towards a better future for all.